Best Yerba Mate Brand 2021: names, reviews, where it to buy

There is a very wide variety of yerba mate in both brands of yerba mate and types of yerbas, among which we can find yerbas with stick, yerbas without stick or flavored yerbas.

The brands of organic yerba mate are products with greater demand for their benefits. Some of the benefits of organic yerba mate are its better flavor and better use of the benefits of yerba.

best yerba mate brands, where to buy. reviews

Types of Yerba Mate brands

Traditional Yerba Mate

The traditional yerba mate is the one that is not composed or flavored. This type of yerba maintains the original flavor of the yerba which can change according to the type of grinding.

Yerba mate with stick

To elaborate this type of yerba, the leaf is used as well as the stick. The approximate proportion is 70% leaf and 30% stick. As this type of yerba contains less leaves, it has a softer flavor.

Yerba mate without stick

This type of yerba is made only with the leaf of the mate plant. These yerbas present a stronger flavor which increases as the grinding is finer.

Yerba mate brand by country of origin

Here you have the selection of the best brands of Yerba Mate according to the country of origin.

Best Yerba Mate Brands from Argentina
Best Yerba Mate Brands from Paraguay
Best Yerba Mate Brands from USA
Best Yerba Mate Brands from Uruguay
Best Yerba Mate Brands from Brazil
Best Yerba Mate Brands from Australia