Is yerba mate a drug?

Yerba Mate is not a drug. Although, because of the frequency and the need to drink mate every day that exists in some countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay, it could seem the opposite, however it does not produce addiction.

Is yerba mate a drug, yerba mate addictive

Is Yerba Mate addictive?

NO. A cup of yerba mate tea, or a mate brewed in a gourd cup, has a similar effect to coffee in that it stimulates mental acuity and makes the person concentrate better on the task at hand. This effect is similar due to the caffeine content of yerba mate. But consumers of this herb maintain that its effects are somewhat different, and that the stimulation induced by yerba mate is softer and does not produce a collapse of energy when the effect of the caffeine disappears.

Drinking mate is not a drug

This very widespread custom throughout a vast region of South America has very strong cultural connotations. In the case of yerba mate, the active principles are found in the leaves, so a harvest is done in the form of pruning, which does not harm the tree. Its therapeutic and nutritional properties do not depend on a single active ingredient, but on the whole complex.

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Yerba Mate Energizing Drinks

Drinking yerba mate tea or a drink based on this herb is a source of natural and organic energy. It is ideal for people who make physical and mental efforts. This stimulation translates into excitement, dominating and regulating intellectual and muscular effort, making it ideal for people who practice sports or both physical and mental activities.

Anti-hypercholesterolemic action

Due to its antihypercholesterolemic action, the saponins present in yerba mate infusion reduce the amount of low density lipoproteins in the blood. Because these compounds interact with cholesterol and bile acids, mixed miscells are formed that cause the elimination of cholesterol by making it difficult to absorb in the gastrointestinal tract.

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