Is Yerba Mate better than Green Tea?

Ilex paraguariensis, the scientific name of Yerba Mate and Camellia sinensis, the name of green tea, have a natural origin, both were born in specific cultures (Guarani and Chinese) and have prevailed over time as typical infusions. These infusions are subject to new studies every day, these reveal more properties that add to the verification of others that until now were only beliefs of the ancient cultures that consumed them.

Is Yerba Mate better than Green Tea?

Is green tea the same as yerba mate?

The differences between Yerba Mate and Green Tea are explained below, so that the discussion comes to an end with this information:

  • Green tea has more anti-cancer properties than yerba mate.
  • Yerba Mate has more natural antioxidants than green tea.
  • The polyphenolic compounds found in yerba mate differ significantly from green tea because yerba mate contains a high concentration of chlorogenic acid and not catechins.

The presence of chlorogenic acid allows Yerba Mate:

  • Destroy bacteria.
  • Unclog arteries, promote heart health.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Reduce cholesterol.
  • Help with diabetes.
  • Possess a group of compounds called saponins and caffeoylquinic acids (CQAs).

Data provided by De Mejía González, 2004 (Scientific Toxicological Study)

Yerba Mate vs Green Tea weight loss

The benefits of YERBA MATE are more effective than in GREEN TEA since when it comes to antioxidants there is no comparison because the amounts are almost 90% more in Ilex paraguariensis.

However, both drinks, combined with exercise and a healthy diet, both provided by an accredited professional, are beneficial.

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